About Us

We Think Quality beyond Quantity

Your Partner for
Mobile Advertising

We match you with a personal consultant who is an expert in your targeted GEO, vertical, and language of choice. Working one-on-one with your industry expert, together you will create a personalized campaign that we then closely monitor and optimize with our quality connections. We ensure that your campaign- from start to finish- is making the most educated and calculated moves to connect you to quality users.

What Makes us Different

If our unique team built up of 30+ nationalities speaking 29 different languages doesn’t make us different enough, we provide a one-stop app promotion solution. Based out of Berlin, our BI, tech, and creative teams pool together their expertise to perfect your campaigns from all sides and optimize towards your desired KPIs in real-time. Our unique tracking technology gives us flexibility and control when running your campaigns and gives you a competitive edge by tapping into new, quality audiences with high LTV.

Our Leadership Team

Thorsten Russ

Managing Director

Stanislava Todorova

Chief Operating Officer

Christian Gaul

VP of Business Development