Protect your mobile advertising campaigns effectively via our compliance solution

Stay Ahead of the Curve with our Combined Expertise

Our comprehensive compliance solution is developed by an accomplished team of data scientists and BI specialists, combining machine learning and human expertise. We have identified patterns, laid out strategies, and developed methods to meet compliance benchmarks.

Take Immediate Action Using an AI-powered Solution

All traffic gets filtered through our Evvolution SHIELD solution. Unlike other manual or statically automated systems, our technology uses machine learning to constantly adapt compliance detection mechanisms.

What does Evvolution

Machine Learning Technology that Prevents and Detects

Our AI product provides automated flagging and rejection of traffic which is not matching pre-defined KPIs and industry standards. Combing through hundreds of millions of events and data points daily, it monitors compliance metrics including:

Conversion rate

OS version and distribution

Post back authentication

Session IP duplicate

CTIT distribution

Behavioral data on post install events

Human Intelligence to Monitor & Act

Human Intelligence to Monitor & Act” body text with “Evvolution’s knowledgeable account managers work closely with clients to define compliance metrics. They spot malicious traffic and promptly take action against any non-compliant behavior, communicating with total transparency, using our internal BI dashboard for:

Proactive data monitoring

Frequent analysis to prevent malicious traffic

Full life cycle check for publisher onboarding to install

Evvolution SHIELD

Compliance benchmark determination and expert support

Detailed analysis and flagging based on pattern identification

Automated prevention using machine learning

Proactive monitoring of key metrics and compliance

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